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Hello, I'm Cathy!

Cathy's Care Goals

Cathy’s Care Family Child Care is a registered family child care located in Glen Burnie, Maryland. I operate 24 hours a day, seven days per week. I offer full and part time care. This is my 21st year of operation. My facility is located in my home in a suburban community and is within walking distance of the local elementary school.

Cathy’s Care offers a program for children from birth through age 12. I believe that children learn by experiences – that they learn through all their senses. I provide opportunities for learning through play, field trips, preschool activities and outdoor experiences.

Our curriculum encompasses the whole child and reaches all 7 domains (social and personal development, language and literacy, mathematical thinking, scientific thinking, social studies, the arts and physical development and health). We incorporate The Creative Curriculum for Family Child Care, The MD Model for School Readiness, Healthy Beginnings and developmental milestones when designing our curriculum. The curriculum is then developed further to meet the individual needs of each child enrolled in the program. Activities are based on the child’s age, abilities, strengths and weaknesses, cultural and social background and personal interests.

I understand the level of trust you place in me when enrolling your child in my care. I am committed to providing you with the very best possible care and learning experiences for your child. That’s why, in addition to lots of love, care and attention, everything I do involves early childhood development. I believe that children learn through seeing, feeling, touching, hearing, etc. I believe they learn by experiencing life. To that end, opportunities for learning are offered during play, on field trips, during preschool time, on library visits – any time is a time for learning, growing and developing the skills necessary for living a full life. I am reaching out to the whole child – meeting them at their point of need. We value manners and we respect each other.

I hold a Level 6 Maryland Credential, NAFCC Accreditation, and I am rated EXCELS Level 5. I have completed the Maryland Model for School Readiness Training and the Creative Curriculum for Family Child Care Training. I received my BA degree in Early Childhood Education/Special Education with Teacher Certification from Washington Adventist University.

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